Let’s work together with a common aim to ensure your ‘new part has the best start!’

Rehabilitation and falls prevention in the privacy of your own home

Improve how you’re moving

Often if you’ve had a period of ill health or you’ve experienced a fall you’re feeling a little less confident and gradually do a little less each day.

Over time, simple tasks such as getting out of your favourite chair, getting up the stairs or in and out of the bath become more challenging.

Prehab – Pre Surgery

I will guide and support you through a bespoke programme of exercises, taking into account your restricted mobility prior to a planned surgery. This will maximise your muscle strength, balance & range of movement and also impact on your general
well-being, preparing both your body and mind for surgery. Studies show that completing prehab will most likely decrease the length of your hospital stay, reduce post operative pain and possible complications. It significantly improves all post operative outcomes.

Rehab – Post surgery

I will work with you to enable you to attain optimum movement and return you to moving with confidence. Commonly you will have compromised your gait when you were walking with a sore knee or hip.

I’ll fully assess your new mobility post surgery and devise a bespoke programme to maximise on your surgical gains, and allow you walk assuredly again with your new joint replacement.

Physio rehab can help:

Falls prevention
Lower limb strengthening
Improve balance and confidence
Knee, hip or ankle pain
Shoulder, wrist or arm pain

Physio in my home studio can address:

Neck pain and Headaches
Pins and needles