Jo has been very helpful to my elderly mother and has visited her home to give her treatment and advice on exercises she can do. She has made the sessions fun and enjoyable and really helped Mum with her movement.

Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire, Feb 2023

Jo was fantastic and did wonders for my shoulder.
Don’t hesitate to call Jo if you have any issues .
Thank You Jo

Berkshire, Jan 2023

Jo came to my house to do physio on my broken ankle. She was very friendly and really easy to understand, made me feel so comfortable and relaxed.
I would thoroughly recommend her.

Windsor, Berkshire, Jan 2023

Jo is absolutely brilliant at her job. My mum (aged 71) was very afraid of bending her knee after her knee replacement but Jo did a wonderful job and only after a couple of sessions mum is doing great with her knee and is so independent in such a short time. Jo went above and beyond even though my mother was very challenging at times. Thank you Jo.

Berkshire, Jan 2023

Jo Kelly came to my house to give me Physiotherapy after I had broken my hip and wrist as a result of a fall. I was very soon with her help and support, able to walk independently, and with confidence. I found her kind professional, fun and tough and would not hesitate to recommend her.

Marlow, May 2022

Jo has been a constant resource for me during the past seven years as I tried to manage effectively the increasing limitations of an arthritic hip. She has always sought to find the best way to encourage me, and also to convey exercise instruction in such a way that I could better understand what was required of me in order to get maximum benefit.

Hertfordshire, May 2022

Having worked with Jo for almost 20 years, her knowledge and experience is phenomenal. Always ready with a smile, a laugh and compassionate ear, you will love not only your Pilates class and how your body feels after, but also your time with Jo.

Physiotherapist and Former Pilates Trainee, Melbourne


Why is strength important?

Losing muscle strength is linked to a decline in ability to carry out basic daily activities like eating, bathing and getting dressed.

Muscle weakness and poor balance in later life are the most common preventable risk factors for falls. This is one reason why muscle strengthening and balance activities are strongly emphasised in the UK Chief Medical Officers’ physical activity guidelines for adults.